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How quickly can I get a dumpster delivered?

Our typical delivery timeframe is 1-2 business days after your call. There are times we can accommodate same day requests. However, planning in advance ensures we can provide you with the best service.

What is included in the price?

Prices include delivery, pickup, and a flat rate of weight based on size.

What CANNOT go in the dumpster?

It's actually a very small list! Refrigerators, freezers, window AC units, propane bottles, anything with a gas motor, and tires.

How is payment handled?

You can meet the driver with cash or check day of delivery. Or if paying by a credit card we send over a rental agreement in e document form and your card information can be placed directly into the rental agreement! Payment is due upon delivery. Cards are processed the day before delivery.

Can I fill the dumpster above the rails?

No. For safety reasons, all loads must be level with the rails of the dumpster. Nothing sticking up over the top.

How long can I keep the dumpster?

Generally, we provide 15-day rental periods. Contractors do receive an extended rental period as we understand remodeling projects aren’t always a quick turnaround.  We do understand if you need a couple extra days. But once it becomes a week or more $10 per day will be charged – of course only after discussing with you first! All attempts to get the dumpster back/serviced will be made before charging any additional fees. Weekends and holidays do count towards rental period days.

What if I only need it for a short period of time?

You have a couple of options! If you can load it in 45 minutes or less, we can do a “Live Load” where the driver waits on site as you load it. If you only need it for a day we can drop it one day and pick it up the next business day. There is no discount for shortened rentals.

Do I need a permit to place a dumpster on the street or in my community?

If you are within city limits – more than likely you need a permit to place a dumpster on the street. If you reach out to the department of transportation and obtain a “right of way” permit, this covers the dumpster! As for communities – it is best to reach out to your HOA manager and ask if there is a dumpster being placed on the street. We do not need proof of permission from HOA’s but we do need proof of permits for city placements. 

What time will my dumpster be delivered/picked up?

For deliveries you can call the office any time after 7 am for a 2 hour delivery window. These windows are estimates as things happen and there are factors out of our control (traffic, weather, mechanical issues etc). 

For pick ups we do our best to swing by and grab it as quickly as possible. Usually when we have a delivery in the area. We understand sometimes there are emergent situations and if you tell us you’re expecting a delivery or are moving we can do our best to accommodate these requests. Again, planning in advance ensures the best service! We can also pre-schedule pick ups if you know the dumpster needs to be gone by a certain day.

All deliveries and pick ups are between 6am-5pm

What if we have a large scale commercial job?

Call our office! We will gladly drop several dumpsters for larger projects and we can discuss pricing for larger projects.

Do you accept asbestos?

Yes! Asbestos is an additional $200 charge on top any dumpster rental charge and a form needs to be filled out for us to take to the landfill with us. 

What Our Customers Say

  • From start to finish, the experience was smooth and hassle-free. Communication was excellent; the staff was courteous and professional, guiding me through the rental process and helping me choose the right dumpster size for my needs.

    Dan G.

  • Friendly and quick service!

    Angela B.

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    Chad Y.

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